When should I get travel insurance?

If you’ve got a trip booked and are wondering when you should buy travel insurance 🤔

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If you’ve got a trip booked and are wondering when you should buy travel insurance, the short answer is right away!

Travel insurance is an important investment that can help provide protection when things go wrong on your trip, from a cancelled flight to a stolen passport to a skiing accident. If you purchase your travel insurance in advance, you’ll have coverage if your trip gets cancelled before you even leave, or if you’re unable to travel at all for some reason. 

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, another compelling reason to purchase a policy long before you take off has to do with COVID coverage. Each travel insurance company will have different parameters around the way they cover COVID, which you can read about in their PDS (that’s insurance speak for Product Disclosure Statement).

With Freely, our COVID-19 coverage comes as standard when you buy a policy – but if you make the purchase when your trip is less than 21 days away, your level of COVID-19 cover will be affected. 

If you don’t know what level of coverage you’ll be needing – say you’re not sure what days you’re going to be skiing, or what dates you’ll actually be flying between destinations and will want extra luggage cover, no worries. With Freely, once you’ve got your baseline policy, you can toggle specific cover on and off even when you are away using our app. 

So don’t leave your travel insurance to the last minute! Get organised now – start by downloading the Freely app, then go from there.

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