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Why do I need travel insurance?
How do I get a quote on your website?
How do I get a quote on the Freely app?
Can I still use Freely without downloading your app?


I'm having some technical issues with the Freely app. What do I do?
The chat function isn't working  properly. What do I do?
I didn't receive my verification code. What do I do?


Is there a cooling-off period in case I change my mind?
I'm already travelling and forgot to buy insurance. Can I buy it now?
How do I extend my policy?
How do I change the details of my policy, such as my name, address or date of birth?
How do I reduce my policy dates?
I keep getting an error when trying to cancel my policy. What do I do?
How do refunds work?
When can I add the Trip Extras to my policy?
When can I add Daily Boosts to my policy?
How do I add Daily Boosts to my policy?


What are the contact details for claims?
How do I submit a claim?
When do I have to submit my claim?
How long will it take for my claim to be assessed?
My claim has been approved. How long until I receive the funds?
I'm not happy with my claim outcome. What do I do?


Do you provide COVID-19 cover?
Am I covered if I'm diagnosed with COVID-19 in Australia before my trip?
Am I covered if I'm diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling and need medical treatment?
Is there a special excess for COVID-19?


How do I contact general enquiries?
How do I contact emergency support?
Can I access emergency assistance via the chat tool in the Freely app?
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