Travel insurance add-ons

Get extra cover when you need it

Plan for more unplanned moments.

Add Trip Extras

Our Trip Extras provide additional coverage for your personal belongings, and can help cushion the blow of unexpected cancellations or delays that may happen while you're away. Simply add them to your Explorer Plan before you head off.

Trip Extras

Pay per trip

Extra Cancellation

Spent more than $5000 on flights and accommodation? Add our Extra Cancellation Trip Extra to get coverage for the full amount in increments of $1000.

Pay per trip


Travelling with any electronics worth more than $750? Protect the extra value of those items by adding our Gadget Cover Trip Extra (limits apply).

Pay per trip

Specified Items

Hitting the road with precious items worth more than $750 that aren't covered by our Gadget Trip Extra? Protect their value by adding our Specified Items Trip Extra.

Turn on Daily Boosts

Decided to ski off-piste for the day? Hopping on a last-minute cruise? Plans change, we get it! Add Daily Boosts to get coverage for your spontaneity. Any of our Daily Boosts can be added to your policy before you leave – or even while you're away. It's so easy!

Daily Boosts

Pay per day

Snow Sports

Heading to the snow? To get coverage when you're skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling, you'll need to add our Snow Sports Boost.

Pay per day

Cruise Cover

Taking off on a multi-night cruise? If you're taking to the ocean or seas for two nights or more, add our Cruise Cover to ensure you've got coverage up until you disembark.

Only applies to Overseas Explorer Plan

Pay per day

Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess

Driving a car on your travels? Add our Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Boost to get up to $10,000 coverage for rental vehicle insurance excess if something goes wrong.

Pay per day

Adventure Activities

Indulging in any adventure activities on your next trip – such as skydiving or rock climbing? Get coverage with our Adventure Activities Boost.

Pay per day

Motorcycle or Moped Riding

Renting or riding a motorcycle or moped on your travels? Provided you meet the criteria for cover as outlined in the PDS, you can boost your policy to ensure you get coverage when you're on two wheels.


Once you’ve bought your policy, download the Freely app. This is the only place you can add Daily Boosts while on your trip.
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There’s a lot of detail to unpack in the above, so refer to and read the Combined FSG/PDS for more information. To learn about the Target Market for this product, you can read our TMD.