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Freely is travel insurance in an app. With our single bundled plan and optional coverage add-ons, you only pay for what you need while enjoying live chat support, easy-to-start claims and 24/7 access to medical and emergency specialists.

Only pay for the extra coverage you need on the days you actually need it.

Update your policy on your trip so you can embrace travel spontaneity.

Get 24/7 support in-app with access to our medical and emergency specialists.

Giving back to people, places and the planet
Here's what our travellers have to say about us

Used Freely twice now and both times have had an amazing experience. We made claims for both trips due to travel delays/cancellations and freely were amazingly accomodating and helpful. We use freely every time now! So easy and so great.

briannaortega06 on App Store

Booking insurance for my partner and myself was done in legitimately 5mins and at a reasonable cost.

BenFromBoronia on App Store

First time purchasing travel insurance on an app rather than a browser and it was easy to use and pick add ons. Would recommend.

david_junior21 on App Store

Really happy with my Freely experience! Love that I can just easily add my trips and add on additional protection if my plans change. Well done Freely team!

Howdyhihello on App Store

I’ve used Freely twice now and I’m so impressed with the app and the ease of applying for insurance. Haven’t had to claim yet (thankfully!), but will keep using them as it literally takes less than 5 minutes to buy travel insurance!

Jo77777777 on App Store

This is an amazing product. Everything is very easy to complete, excellent customer service and very efficient claim service. I highly recommend Freely.

even trouble on App Store

Love that I just add in my trips and I’ve got travel insurance just like that!

lilyinez on App Store

How Freely works

Step one (Before your trip)
Get coverage with our Essentials Plan
We've made buying travel insurance easier by bundling medical, trip, and belongings coverage in our single Essentials Plan. Get a quote and buy your policy in minutes.
See what's covered
Step two (Before your trip)
Add Trip Extras
If you need additional coverage for your trip or favorite gadgets, you can build upon the Essentials Plan by adding any of our Trip Extras.
See Trip Extras
Step three (Before your trip)
Download the Freely app
Enjoy our safety and support features, including location-targeted alerts, live chat, and 24/7 access to medical and emergency specialists. You can also buy any future policies with the app.
Download our app
Step four (Before or during your trip)
Turn on Daily Boosts
Last-minute ski trip? Need a rental car for the day? Embrace spontaneity and toggle on additional activity coverage for the days you need it.
See Daily Boosts

There’s a lot of detail to unpack in the above, so please refer to and read our Travel Insurance Policy for more information on coverage limitations and exclusions.

The flexible travel insurance app that lets you explore Freely!

App features

See app features


With a built-in SOS feature for safety alerts, and 24/7 access to our medical and emergency specialists, the Freely app provides a safer way to explore.


The Freely app gives you the flexibility to boost your policy while you’re away, so you can get coverage for spontaneous activities.


We know accidents can sometimes happen while you're away, so we’ve made it easier to make a claim within the Freely app.


Booking a trip? Get a price for your next adventure in minutes from within the Freely app.

Freely's mission
As part of our continued efforts to give back to people, places and the planet, we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental and social initiatives we feel passionate about.

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Still got questions?

Answers to some of the most common queries we get are outlined below, but if you're still scratching your head over something Freely-related, jump across to our FAQs page and see if it's been answered.

Who can use Freely?
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How can Freely help me in an emergency?
How will my location be used?
How do I make a claim?
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