The virus is still circulating and messing with travel plans

We know what a bummer it is when you or a loved one gets COVID-19 just as you're about to travel, or when you're already on your trip – especially if it's a severe case. That's why we've included COVID-19 coverage as standard in our Essentials Plan.

Freely COVID-19 coverage

Though COVID-19 as a global health emergency is over, the pandemic is still ongoing, with the virus continuing to disrupt travel plans. Coverage for the virus and its impacts is provided in our Essentials Plan, and here are some of the benefits.

What we cover
What we don't cover

Diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling and have to medically quarantine

If you catch COVID-19 on your trip, you are eligible to claim medical and quarantine costs while having to stay put in your destination. COVID-19 tests must be administered or validated by a medical professional (home tests are not sufficient).

Diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling and have to return home

If you fall seriously ill with COVID-19 and need to be evacuated or repatriated, those costs would be eligible for coverage.

Sick or hospitalized with COVID-19 during your trip

Coverage is available if you're diagnosed with COVID-19 by a medical practitioner and require medical treatment.

Pre-departure trip cancellation coverage*

In the instance that you or your traveling companion becomes sick with COVID-19 before your departure date, we can provide coverage for expenses for your unused, non-refundable insured trip cost up to $20,000.

*You must add our Pre-Trip Cancellation Trip Extra to your Essentials Plan to get this coverage

Border closures

Where a government authority imposes closure orders on cross-area, -border, -region or -territory travel.

Fear of travel

Travel insurance does not provide trip cancellation or interruption for fear of travel.

Cost of tests

If you are required to show a negative COVID-19 test prior to leaving your destination, unless directed by a physician.

There’s a lot of detail to unpack in the above, so please refer to and read our Travel Insurance Policy for more information on coverage limitations and exclusions.

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Why Freely?

Only pay for the extra coverage you need on the days you actually need it.

Update your policy on your trip so you can embrace travel spontaneity.

Get 24/7 support in-app with access to our medical and emergency specialists.

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