Freely sustainability

Giving back to people and the planet

Like you, we feel a deep sense of responsibility toward people and the planet, as well as our partners and fellow Freelies. Our commitment to doing the best we can informs the decisions we make as a company of travelers.

It doesn’t make us perfect – but it does make us excited to create an impact now and over the years to come. When you travel with Freely, you’re part of the journey.

1% for the Planet

We want to leave things better than how we found them. That’s why we’re a proud member of 1% for the Planet, where we contribute 1% of revenue (that’s revenue, not profit) to environmental and community initiatives.

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Meet our charity partners

We’re proud to be building partnerships with these awesome organizations: Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, The Hunger Project, and Pacific Wild.

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
Seed is a movement led by and for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Australia, to protect Country, culture and communities from the impacts of climate change. They believe that First Nations leadership and self-determination is critical in building and sustaining strong, resilient communities where everyone can thrive.
The Hunger Project
The Hunger Project strives to end world hunger by addressing the heart of the problem. They work to build self-reliance at a grassroots level, mobilize vulnerable communities, empower women to be key agents of change and engage with local governments.
Pacific Wild
Pacific Wild works to protect ecosystems that sustain biodiversity across the northwest Pacific region and Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. By influencing policy, public opinion and legislative change, Pacific Wild strives to protect wild animals and endangered fish, expose ecological damage, protect ancient forests from logging and support Indigenous stewardship on the land and ocean.

Doing our bit as a team

In addition to our 1% for the Planet membership, we also partner with like-minded organizations on different projects. In 2023, we supported an initiative to buy back portions of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, for conservation, plus we worked with Nokia on an Australia-wide mobile phone recycling drive.

As a team, we get three days of paid leave a year to volunteer with an organization we feel passionate about.

For our travelers, we curate a regular newsletter and blog with tips, guides and stories on responsible travel, climate action and how to tread lightly in the places we visit – plus we’ve got more resources and projects on sustainable travel in the works. Watch this space!

Would we make good partners?

Drop us a line below so we can connect about ways to partner.

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