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How to Stay Safe While Partying on Your Travels

As travel insurance providers, we receive many-a-call for help from travellers who have put their wellbeing at risk in the quest for a good night out. It’s so not worth it – as partying too hard when you’re overseas is a not-uncommon way to wind up with a lot more than just a hangover or a comedown.

Here are our top tips for staying safe when you’re overseas and on the sauce – while still having an epic time.  

Photo by Helena Lopes
  1. It’s super important to understand your own limits – and to stay in control of your drinking rather than letting it control you. Substance use can seriously impair your judgement and reaction times, which makes you more vulnerable to taking risks. Also be aware that carrying or using drugs while travelling abroad can result in severe consequences, including the death penalty. Yikes.
  2. Before going out, plan how you’ll get to and from the venue. If you’re catching public transport, take note of the last available services, and if you’d like to get a taxi or rideshare, ensure they are available in the area. When inside the venue, familiarise yourself with the nearest exit or fire escape. Safety standards may differ from what you're used to, and if you feel like the venue is overcrowded, consider moving on and finding somewhere else to party.
  3. Resist social pressure to drink excessively, and be wary of drink spiking. It’s prevalent around the world and – as much as it sucks to say – women and queer people should be especially careful, as they are disproportionately targeted. Buy your own drinks and keep an eye on bartenders as they mix them. It’s even better if you can drink sealed drinks such as beer or pre-mixed beverages. Don’t ever leave your drink unattended, particularly if you are hanging with people you’ve only just met. Keep in mind that the later the night, the more susceptible you are to potential spiking.  
  4. Alcoholic drinks can sometimes contain harmful substances, and horribly, there have actually been instances where people have died from drinking counterfeit or contaminated alcohol. Seek immediate medical attention and inform your friends if you feel unwell.
  5. It is never worth getting into a fight. The consequences of damage or injury can be life-changing – and we are all familiar with the nightmare stories of king-hit deaths. Additionally, penalties for fighting can be very harsh in certain countries, so it's best to just walk away from any potential conflict.

Party safe, dear Freelies.

Photo by Rendy Novantino

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