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Freely Travel Briefing: Issue No.13

Given how much we love to travel, it’s no wonder many of us are delaying our annual leave right now. But experts reckon it could be more important than ever to take time off... so perhaps it’s time to plan a staycation? 🌴 With thought-provoking documentaries, entertaining cooking classes and a good dose of news to stay informed, we’ve got your holiday-at-home covered.

Even if you can’t go anywhere, it might be time to take a break

Photo by: Drew Coffman
It’s safe to say many of us probably need a lift

Though vaccination stats are reassuring, Australians are really grappling with a lot of uncertainty right now about when life will return to normal. It’s safe to say many of us probably need a lift, and even if you’re in lockdown, a break from work could just do the trick! Instead of scrolling, we recommend you fill your days with baking, journaling, art-making, podcast-listening and whatever else self-care looks like for you. Look after yourself!

Full piece by: Natasha May in the Guardian Australia

Coping with a changing climate: inside the lives of nomadic Mongolian herders

Photo by: Adli Wahid
In this visually spectacular film, we spend time with the Soyolporev family

For hundreds of years, Mongolian herders and their livestock have carved out a life for themselves in the belt of grassland between the forests of Siberia and the Gobi Desert. An unforgiving landscape at the best of times, it’s now being plagued with harsher weather and conditions due to climate change. In this visually spectacular film, we travel to Mongolia to spend time with the Soyolporev family and their goats, cows and horses.

Presented by Eric Campbell on ABC's Foreign Correspondent

What’s the go with vaccination passports?

Photo by: Matt Napo
Eventually, the government will introduce a system that will allow the vaccinated access to more freedoms

Once we move to Phase B of Australia’s COVID roadmap, instead of pleading with us to get vaccinated, the government will introduce a system that will allow those vaccinated access to more freedoms. So what exactly are those freedoms? Is such a system legal? And how do Australia’s plans compare with other countries’? This Q&A from the ABC provides insight into all these questions and more.

Full piece: By Tom Lowrey in the ABC

Live cooking classes, virtual wine tasting and trying new spices

Photo by: Agnieszka Kowalczyk
All over the world, people have been getting very creative in finding ways to get into our kitchens...

Online cooking classes have been exploding throughout the pandemic, and provide a much warmer experience than simply trying your luck at a new recipe. In Italy, 84-year-old Nerina teaches pasta making live, and in New Orleans, the Culinary Institute hosts pay-what-you-feel cooking classes with a chef over Zoom. All over the world, people have been getting very creative in finding ways to get into our kitchens, from virtual wine tasting to spice kits.

Full piece by: Audrey Bourget in SBS Food


We’ve joked before about how satisfied we’d be with a trip to Singapore’s Changi Airport right now: a laksa in the food court, a frolic in the butterfly house, a swim in the rooftop pool. But after close to a decade on top, our favourite stopover has been dethroned from its place of world’s best airport! Leading the charge is now Doha’s Hamad International Airport in Qatar, followed by Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Even though it’s now third, we’ll always have a soft spot for all three terminals at Changi.
On the topic of Singapore, due to the country’s soaring vaccination rates, it will be introducing a two-tiered system for international arrivals on August 20 as part of a move back to a semblance of normalcy. Vaccinated travellers from eight countries (Australia among ‘em) will be able to ditch hotel quarantine for home isolation – something we in Aus are getting really quite good at now.
After a 16-month ban on non-essential travel, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has lifted restrictions on vaccinated US tourists who wish to enter the country for a holiday. From September 7, Ottawa will extend this welcome news to citizens of all countries. In a statement, the Canadian government said that this change is thanks to “the advent of increased vaccination rates in Canada, declining COVID-19 cases and reduced pressure on health care capacity”.

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