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Freely Travel Briefing: Issue No.12

It’s official, straight from Scotty’s mouth: once 80% of us are vaccinated, we’ll be able to travel freely again. 🤤 Now we’ve just got to get there, filling the time between by reevaluating our priorities around tourism and approximating what we love about trotting the globe through travel shows ‘n’ chill.

When 80% of us are fully vaxxed, overseas travel can resume

Photo by: Guilherme Stecanella
“We finally got the news we’ve been craving...”

Australia’s pandemic exit plan was updated last Friday, when we finally got the news we’ve been craving: inoculated Aussies will be able to travel internationally once 80% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. Despite being asked for a timeline, Scott Morrison has consistently refused to set a target date, stating instead that things are “entirely up to how the nation responds to this challenge we’re setting for ourselves”. Challenge accepted!

Full piece by: Daniel Hurst in the Guardian Australia

How a UN-backed global vaccination program went wrong

Photo by: Annie Spratt
Racing against the spread of the Delta variant to get shots into people’s arms is no easy task.

The Covax alliance was supposed to deliver billions of COVID vaccines to poorer nations. But as wealthier countries bought up most of the available supply, the global operation was left struggling to acquire doses. Though more are on their way, Covax is now facing another crisis: Pfizer needs to be stored at extremely low temperatures, and racing against the spread of the Delta variant to get shots into people’s arms in places without freezers is no easy task.

Full piece by: Benjamin Mueller and Rebecca Robbins in The New York Times (You may need to sign in to read, but it’s free!)

A mission to make travel more inclusive and accessible

Photo by: Disabled and Here
One in five Australians has a disability

One in five Australians has a disability, and almost half of us are living with a chronic condition. Accessibility and inclusivity, or the global lack thereof, can present a huge challenge when travelling, and outdoor adventure activities can be limited. But in 2021, we reckon that’s far from fair! Here, we meet a man on a mission to revolutionise the tourism industry and make travelling more accessible so that everyone can enjoy it. 👏🏽

Watch it on: the ABC

The world’s most titillating travel TV shows

Photo by: John Tuesday
We’re treating ourselves to some quality television

So far this lockdown, we’ve cooked dishes from around the world and tuned in to international radio stations to get our overseas fix. This week, we’re treating ourselves to some quality television. From Ab Fab’s Joanna Lumley traversing the River Nile to Anthony Bourdain dining with Obama in Hanoi, this roundup is sure to scratch your travel itch a teensy bit more.

Full piece by: Ben Groundwater in Traveller


With close to 70% of Ireland’s population now fully vaccinated, indoor pubs have finally reopened! There’s a (reasonable) catch though: to enter, you need to either have had both jabs or have recovered from COVID in the last six months. We’re sure this is very welcome news for a place not exactly known for its sunny weather...
Proving travel really is a cure-all, three women in the US who discovered they were dating the same cheating man chose to dump him and go on a road trip together in an old school bus they renovated. “This guy doesn't deserve any credit, but thank you for bringing us together, honestly," said Abi Roberts, one of the trio. “As awful and horrible as that moment was, we would all do it again just to meet each other."
The UK has relaxed restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers entering from the US and the EU. The hugs, tears and smiles on display at Heathrow far outshone Love Actually’s emotional airport scene as family and friends reunited for the first time in over a year. Aw!

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